Воспоминания из Новой Зеландии. 10

Для разнообразия я подумала, что могу поделиться вот таким воспоминанием, записанным буквально на коленках где-то между континентами, еще до моего возвращения на родину, но уже после прощания с Новой Зеландией.

There were no bad classes at all. Every day i woke up and was ready to go to school. I’d started to love study again, with cool likable teachers and open-minded talkative classmates the process of learning was more then just ordinary english-class. It was fun. Every day apart from new stuff we had dozens of laughter. Of course, I’ve learnt a lot. Not only Bout language but about myself. During classes we discusses everything in the world: interests, movies, books, law, traditions customs in our countries, people’s behavior, relationships, love. All of those «have chat with your partner about…» topic i’ve never discussed with my best friends.
My favorite class was public speaking. Mostly because of teachers (i like all of them — Frank, Alex, Hugh) and the way how they were teaching us. I love the debates, when Frank divided us into 4 teams, counting and gave us a topic to be «for» or «against» it. We argued about art education at schools, about businessmen’s money for charity, with Hugh we were dispute about death penalty and junk-food at schools. When Alex replaced Frank, who went on holidays, he gave us an assignment to write an eulogy. Eulogy! About someone who is already dead or someone you have just imagine. Pretty weird task for students, who, probably, never been in this situation before. That day only five people came to class (and we were nearly 15!).
There were also some interesting and very helpful training tasks. Once Hugh was talking about filler words and brought us to 1 min talk avoiding this small but very stupid words. For every pronounced filler words we got a point. The genius was have no points at all at the end of that minute. But we always ended up counting his own filler words before we even got started. He was pissed off. In a good way, of course. Or Frank, who gave us once 2 minute to talk in groups about an unfamiliar topic trying to speak without stops as long as possible, because otherwise in case of your pause the turn went to another person, who have been trying to be the last speaking person in your group when the time would came to the end.
I guess, all this classes during this three months gave me more skills then last few years at my university. For sure.

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