postcard from 3A 3d-floor: Story one

Being in Finland i felt sadness about leaving , it was more like physical discomfort, on my way home i recalled absolutely everything — my quite and peaceful time with travels and adventures, i recollected every bright moment about this five month, but then this fireworks transformed into few files of information in my head and dozens gb of photo on my computer. At first day at home when i woke up and saw domestic landscape i had the feeling that Finland never happened, all my emotion told this, few days later — that i am here on holidays and as soon as possible i will take a train and go back to Turku. But now all this feelings have no sense, because they are gone. Very fast.

I was thinking — my life here was like a summer spent in the city, when it is a lot of work, and party, almost every night, and, probably, plus film festival that you can not miss, and people on the verandas of the street cafe who want to meet you, and you are dancing in this hilarious whirlwind confidently believing that you yourself are this whirlwind, and then it turns out that August is almost up, the nights are long and cold, and the sill is full of fallen down from the sky dry prickly stars. There is nothing, but suddenly you remember that you never got to the market for cherries, even in neighbor’s garden you not picked up any, even though you went by every day. And you understand, that is nonsense, cherry is just simple cherry, sour-sweet berries, plain food, what kind of a whim, But a shame to tears, because you did not have cherries and that means you have no summer, everyone around you had, but you not, and on the last day of August you can not correct this, the time is unmercifully, forget it, that is all.

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